Business innovations in corporates

Business innovations into corporates
Your corporate wants to innovate. Ever thought about organizing meetups, innovation days/labs, co-creation through crowd sourcing or working together with start-ups? Together with your teams CORE-UP will take on the challenge to move your organisation towards more innovation and get it ready for the future.

Integration of Corporate and Start-Up
Do you speak the language of both start-ups ánd corporates, and are you able to fully understand the cultural differences? We understand both, and through this are able to bring you together for a smooth and successful collaboration. We make business models transparent and discover commercial overlaps to create new possible synergies and accelerate both businesses.

Start-up and
Scale-up coaching and support

We give you commercial business insight to accelerate your business ideas. You can build on more than 35 years business experience and you will be able to make the right pitch, find the right partners and develop a profitable revenue model.

Working together with CORE-UP enables you access to our network to get in touch with the right decision-makers getting the suitable business- & revenue model in place and (re)shaping and training your organisation for a successful future.

Leverage the power of big data and improve your profitability

Category and assortment optimisation
Train and coach your total procurement team through an intensive customer led category development program. Get a perfect and balanced Omni channel assortment.

Margin development and pricing
Redefine supplier collaboration and negotiations, leverage companies big data and have a innovative pricing strategy. This program improves your total profitability.

Leverage the power of big data
Using big data analysis for sales and margin improvements. We guide procurement, sales and marketing using data to improve business.

Retail insights

You want to sell technological solutions to retail organisations. Do not waste time by speaking to the wrong decision makers. With more than 35 years of retail experience, CORE-UP fully understands the corporate retail business and knows how your solutions and decisions can affect the business. We guide, train and support your (key) account managers for success.

Business model migration and expansion

Business model migration
With a hands-on business model migration program we are able to analyse and redefine the strategic direction, implement organisational and business adaptations to guarantee the the next level of success.

(International) expansion
A proven, tailor-made feasibility study ensures detailed customer, market and competition insights. Together with your teams CORE-UP gives the insights to ensure your create the right strategy, customer and business approach for a successful expansion.

Guest speaking, workshops and lectures

Dynamic interactive speeches, workshops and lectures will inspire your teams. It will give you new insights to move yourself and your teams forward, generating new ideas, open up for innovations and getting renewed energy and drive for change.

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